Crossing City Bridges for that perfect *moment*

About three years ago I met Bailey. She is the most wonderful hair-stylist and pseudo therapist! I love love the days I can go sit in her chair and come out feeling like a million bucks with new hair (EXACTLY as I imagined it) and tons of weight off my shoulders. Back then I had just started my photography business and I was building my clientele so I asked if we could do occasional trades... SO here we are, THREE years later, and I finally got her to come out for her trade. It took THREE years of my nagging her to get her out. But now, she is with an incredibly talented photographer and videographer, Phoenix! This made our trade even better. I love love and capturing couples on an adventure.

Not gonna lie, I am always 1000000% more nervous for a shoot when it's with another creative. "Will they like my photos?" "Am I doing this right?" "Is this pose ok?" "what if they don't like my edits?" ..... what if, what if.... Non-creatives usually don't have any input or an *image* in their head. I just pose them and direct interactions like a piece of cake. Chronic anxiety and imposter syndrome SUCKS! hahahah.

BUT, I am pleased to say this shoot went entirely the opposite and I had one of the best times I have ever had with a couple. Working with another creative, we had MORE ideas! I think the results are phenomenal and I couldn't be happier!

Here are some of my favorite moments from our urban adventure.

We crossed bridges, sat in busy intersections, roof-top ledges, and popped bottles.

What a perfect day! :)