embark on a beautiful adventure

A gif of a Bride and Groom skipping across a Sedona Arizona rock formation this the sun behind them.

The main reasons why you need an adventure session

Escape the confines of crowds and eyes of others for intimate moments that will create lasting memories. Your session is ALL about you and your love story, let's make it one for the books.

Whether it's up in the mountains, on a beach, or desert cliffside - you deserve the session you've always dreamed of! I am here to help you plan and document every beautiful moment.

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Pacific Northwest or Anywhere Beyond

Whether it’s high in the mountains, on a beach near the ocean, in a forest meadow - you deserve to create the memories you want to! I’ll be sure to help you plan and save those beautiful memories for generations to come. Check out some of my favorite moments from last year.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
A mother cradles two of her daughters while kissing the youngest upon the forehead, the older daughter hugging behind.
behind the camera lens

Welcome friend, my name is Ashley

An adventure photographer by day, a planner, location scout AND mother all by night. You think I’m joking, right? I am not! I'm Ashley & I live in McMinnville,Oregon with my husband, 3 daughters, and a whole bunch of fur babies. When I’m not behind the camera, planning, editing, or working on the farm - you’ll find me hiking, kayaking, or camping with my family. I LOVE the outdoors!

If you're wanting an intimate session & want to do it your way - I'm here to guide you through the whole process!

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Nadia & Kenny

Brum Wedding

Up close bride and groom kissing beneath a veil, showing off the brides wedding ring set in Phoenix, AZ

I’m sorry, but if you think you can find a better experience than AshMarie Photo, then I might believe that there are unicorns left on the planet or that Elvis is really not dead. Ashley give 200% to give everyone who books with the most effortless and perfect session and her results are nothing but flawless. She builds confidence in other that I have never experienced from a professional photographer. She is easy to work with, understanding, and works with her clients from answering the simplest...